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How to Get Referrals for Your Beauty Business

How to Get Beauty Referrals Are Your  Clients Sending You a Ton of Referrals? When a client sends you new business, this is known as a referral. A referral is the best way to get new clients as it came from a trusted source and someone that has already done business with you.  A referral […]


Running a Successful Mother’s Day Promotion

Mother’s Day Promotion Mother’s Day is one of the Biggest Holidays to promote your beauty products and services! If you are not taking advantage of this day to make money, you are missing out! Every Mother’s day there are folks looking for great gifts to give Mom. So why not help them out by packaging […]


How to Increase Nail Tech’s Income

Nail Tech jobs are becoming more difficult to fill at nail salons, spas, and nail boutiques. Its hard to fill nail tech positions when the prices for a manicure are low and the employers pay a low commission to their nail techs. However, times are changing. Nail Techs can be picky now because a skilled […]


Nail Technician Profit Killers – Avoid this Costly Mistake

Today I went by a few nail salons and beauty salons… Some nail tech‘s were busy… Some not. I went into one shop and there were 2 nail techs, they were both watching tv  while they wait for customers to come in. Hmmmm… I say , this would be a great time for those 2, […]


How to Turn Your Reciepts Into Cash

Nail Technicians here is a great way to generate repeat clients and new clients using your receipts. After giving your nail client a receipt, you can stamp on the back $5 off or 15% off services with this receipt if used within 7 days. Also let them know they can give it to a friend […]


5 Relationship Building Strategies to Keep Your Nail Biz on Top

Relationship Building Relationship building has been responsible for the growth and success of many businesses! Successful businesses and entrepreneurs know keeping your customers in tune with you means connecting with them on a consistent basis. Staying connected with your customer base keeps your clients thinking about you and the services you provide. You want to […]