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Dressing for Success – Can it Really Put More Money in Your Pocket?

Nail technicians and cosmetologist listen up! You are in the beauty business don’t forget that. One of the quickest ways NOT to attract clients to you is to  look like what you do or sell is NOT working for you!  If you are a nail tech, for example,  it’s not necessary for you to have […]


Business Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

Click to Enter: ************************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************************** Hey Beauty Techs! The Beauty Tech Shoppe offers a large variety of products for the Nail & Beauty Tech.  If your looking for some cool stuff for your business make sure you take a tour! Get good stuff like: Articles Books E books Tutorials Instructional DVD’s Salon/ Spa Music Nail […]


5 Relationship Building Strategies to Keep Your Nail Biz on Top

Relationship Building Relationship building has been responsible for the growth and success of many businesses! Successful businesses and entrepreneurs know keeping your customers in tune with you means connecting with them on a consistent basis. Staying connected with your customer base keeps your clients thinking about you and the services you provide. You want to […]