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Running a Successful Mother’s Day Promotion

Making Your Mother's Day Promotion a Success

Mother’s Day Promotion

Mother’s Day is one of the Biggest Holidays to promote your beauty products and services! If you are not taking advantage of this day to make money, you are missing out!

Every Mother’s day there are folks looking for great gifts to give Mom. So why not help them out by packaging up some of your luxurious products and services in the form of a gift certificate or voucher for customers and clients to purchase.

Moms love to be pampered. A great Mother’s Day Promotion Idea could be a Massage, Facial and Aroma Therapy for $350. You could even do a Manicure, Pedicure and Wax for $105, for example.

The trick when bundling products and services is to make it worth while. These services bought individually obviously would cost far more than the package price. But you package or bundle them together for a kick-butt price folks can’t refuse!

Drive Sales Up with Mother's Day Promotions Every Year

Make Your Mother’s Day Promotion Successful

The key to a successful Mother’s Day Promotion is having lists to market. Namely a direct mail list, email list, text list, and social net list. (permission based where applicable of course) This way you are not just relying on one list or one vehicle to get the word out.  Also, you cut cost by not  “blindly” sending your promotions out to 100’s folks that do not know you and perhaps  not interested in your offer. .

By having lists, you are sending your Mother’s Day  Promotions out to people you know will be interested in your packages. Those you have built a relationships with and those that have come to know and trust you! This is probably the best way to almost guarantee success in your promotions.

Just randomly sending out your promotions to people you do not know is like taking a shot in the dark. If you are doing direct mail this could cost you several hundreds or thousand of dollars to find just a few people that are interested in your offer.

This is why it’s important to keep track of clients and customers and stay connected. You need a list of people to market to! A list that have come to know you and trust you.  So if you have not started a database of clients and customers, start one!

Mother's Day Promotions for Salons and Beauty Tech's

An effective Mother’s Day Promotion that gets results

To have an effective Mother’s Day Promotion that get results you need to follow up with each person you market to. Sending out one sales letter will not do. You will need to send a series of follow up letters leading all the way up to the holiday you are promoting.

Each follow up letter should relate to one another creating more urgency as you get closer to the holiday. Saying something like, “packages are going fast”, “only a few days left” creates a sense of urgency. In marketing we call this a “call to action”. A call to action gets people to act fast.

In general it takes several contacts with a person before they respond to your marketing offer. This is why sending out only one promotional piece will lead to a dead campaign that gets few or no results.Following up with a series of letters will get you more sales.

Catching last minute shoppers

With busy lives, you can bet there’s a lot of folks on your list that will wait to the last minute to try to find a Mother’s Day gift. Imagine how excited they will be to see your Mother’s Day email or text. Since they consider you a trusted source and “friend”. Good chances are, they will buy from you.

You can also cater to late night shoppers, last minute shoppers and convenience shoppers by having your promotion available on the front page of your website. This way folks can shop from home, office or on the go 24/7. Even if you are closed, they can still purchase from you.


Getting Started

This is just a brief snapshot about running a successful Mother’s Day Promotion! If you are not sure how to set up and run a holiday promotion, You can purchase the complete Beauty Marketing Boot Camp!   I will walk you through the do’s and don’ts of running a successful promotion and how to double your response rate. You’ll also learn the strategy for getting lazer targeted prospects that will respond to your offer.

I’ll also cover the sales letter and follow up letters so you grab folks attention and make them want to buy from you!

If you haven’t signed up forThe complete Beauty Marketing Boot Camp, get it here:

6 Figure Nail Technician and Cosmetologist Boot Camp

Committed to your Success!

Candace Harrison

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