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Re-book Clients- Keeping Your Clients and Profits Coming In


Do You Re-Book?

To keep your books filled, you should always re- book the next appointment with your client before they leave you. This ensures you work another day  & keep clients and profits coming in.

To do this effectively, you can let your client know, if they want to ensure their favorite time slot, they should re- book their next appointment now as your time slots fill fast, for example. If its around the holidays you can let them know its a busy time of the year, and to get in when they like, you suggest they re- book their appointment.

Pre Booking

Another good practice is to pre-book your clients. This is re-booking plus getting them to book several future appointments as well. You can let your clients know this is a convenient way to fit their nail or hair appointments in their schedule by having a standing appointment every 2 weeks. No worries of calling in to make appointments, or not getting their favorite time slot! It saves a lot of time, they only need to call if they are going to cancel.


Re-Book for Success

It’s all about giving them the benefits of why the should re-book or pre-book with you! Clients love convenience, fast service, getting the time slot they love, maintaining that great new look… etc. If your service is good and your client had a wonderful experience, they will love to re-book! So as I always say..make sure you have great customer service and give your clients a great experience when they come to see you.

Take a look around here at Nail Tech Cash for some great ways to ensure your clients will be delighted with your service and re-book that next appointment with you.

Re-booking clients will help to keep your appointment book filled and keep clients coming back month after month putting more cash in your bank account!


Re-booking Tips

1.Make sure you get every client that comes in to see you, contact information. This way if they do not re-book immediately you have a way to follow up with them via email, direct mail or  phone call to invite them back in to see you. Let your client know you will add them to your mailing list for up coming specials and promotions that will be great for them!  Get the ok from them to be added to your list before you do this, however.

Following up is the key to getting more business and repeat clients!

2. Call or text your clients to remind them of their appointment the day before to help cut-down on no shows. You can ask your client to call or text back to confirm appointment. This also gives you an opportunity to fill that time slot for that day in the event your client does not show.

Much Success,

Candace Harrison

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