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Dressing for Success – Can it Really Put More Money in Your Pocket?

Dressing for SuccessNail technicians and cosmetologist listen up! You are in the beauty business don’t forget that. One of the quickest ways NOT to attract clients to you is to  look like what you do or sell is NOT working for you!  If you are a nail tech, for example,  it’s not necessary for you to have acrylic nails but make sure your nails are well groomed and free of dirt or any signs that you don’t take care of your own nails. Take a look at how you are dressed. Are your clothes wrinkled and maybe just thrown together.

Cosmetologist and nail tech’s have to be mindful of their appearance because potential clients are looking. Don’t lose a client because of what the potential client might think of you. Yes, you might be friendly and have a great smile, but that won’t cut it sometimes. Just like a terribly over weight personal trainer , might lose a potential client to a trainer that looks more like what the client want to achieve, a beauty tech might  lose a client that is looking to get “beautiful”.  Get what I’m saying?

If your hair isn’t in the latest style , just keeping it well groomed will do. A sleek ponytail or neatly cut hair can make you look good. Your hair and clothes can be trendy or simple. You can have a “look” of your own that reflects your style, again just make it look good!  Some techs wear a salon style jacket that gives a professional appearance such as that of a Doctor. The point is to look great when you go to work. Keep it as simple or as trendy as you like.


Making a Good First Impression

Badhairday When potential clients come in you are the first person they see (besides the front desk).  You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so do it right the first time!  Your image should reflect that your business and services are great!  Never look like you are “struggling” even if you are. Really, you wouldn’t believe the salons I have walked into and the owner looks as if business is bad and nothing they sell works for them!  Looking this way , you definitely will need to work extra hard to make  potential clients believe in your service.

When you look good, you feel good. Your attitude will change too. You will begin to think like a business person or owner. Take pride in what you do!  Your appearance will make clients believe that what you are offering and selling is believable and works. When they look at you, make them believe you look great because of the products and services you offer (use your products). This will help you get the sale with little effort!

A Little Efforts Goes a Long Way

CasualdressbizpplAs simple as this may seem, I wanted to write a post about this simply because I’ve been seeing salon workers and owners losing customers due to not having a “professional” image. Tech’s don’t  realize when clients walk in then walk right back out the door never to be seen again, a lot of times it’s because the potential client was not convinced your service or products work. Again, looking believable makes all the difference in the world.  This is a quick fix, that can put more money in your pocket!

If you are a salon owner your front desk help and staff should all look well groomed and reflect the image that you want of your salon. Here’s a simple technique to help you get that walk-in client or new referral without having to do a hard sell.

When you are just starting out dressing the part will help you get the sales and clients you need. If you’ve been doing this for many years and have established your self as “the go to person for hair or nails” and have a ton of clients perhaps you can get away with that just woke up look. But until you get to that point, let’s dress for success!

Take a look at yourself. Could you use a sprucing up? If so, do it starting today! Potential clients will take note of the extra effort you put in to look good.

Dress for success and get more clients!


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