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Re-book Clients- Keeping Your Clients and Profits Coming In


Do You Re-Book?

To keep your books filled, you should always re- book the next appointment with your client before they leave you. This ensures you work another day  & keep clients and profits coming in.

To do this effectively, you can let your client know, if they want to ensure their favorite time slot, they should re- book their next appointment now as your time slots fill fast, for example. If its around the holidays you can let them know its a busy time of the year, and to get in when they like, you suggest they re- book their appointment.

Pre Booking

Another good practice is to pre-book your clients. This is re-booking plus getting them to book several future appointments as well. You can let your clients know this is a convenient way to fit their nail or hair appointments in their schedule by having a standing appointment every 2 weeks. No worries of calling in to make appointments, or not getting their favorite time slot! It saves a lot of time, they only need to call if they are going to cancel.


Re-Book for Success

It’s all about giving them the benefits of why the should re-book or pre-book with you! Clients love convenience, fast service, getting the time slot they love, maintaining that great new look… etc. If your service is good and your client had a wonderful experience, they will love to re-book! So as I always say..make sure you have great customer service and give your clients a great experience when they come to see you.

Take a look around here at Nail Tech Cash for some great ways to ensure your clients will be delighted with your service and re-book that next appointment with you.

Re-booking clients will help to keep your appointment book filled and keep clients coming back month after month putting more cash in your bank account!


Re-booking Tips

1.Make sure you get every client that comes in to see you, contact information. This way if they do not re-book immediately you have a way to follow up with them via email, direct mail or  phone call to invite them back in to see you. Let your client know you will add them to your mailing list for up coming specials and promotions that will be great for them!  Get the ok from them to be added to your list before you do this, however.

Following up is the key to getting more business and repeat clients!

2. Call or text your clients to remind them of their appointment the day before to help cut-down on no shows. You can ask your client to call or text back to confirm appointment. This also gives you an opportunity to fill that time slot for that day in the event your client does not show.

Much Success,

Candace Harrison

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How to Get Referrals for Your Beauty Business

Getting More Referrals for Your Beauty Business

Get Referrals Now

Getting More Referrals for Your Beauty Business

How to Get Beauty Referrals

Are Your  Clients Sending You a Ton of Referrals?

When a client sends you new business, this is known as a referral. A referral is the best way to get new clients as it came from a trusted source and someone that has already done business with you.  A referral is the biggest compliment you can get from a client.

However, most often you may find your clients are not referring people to you, not even your best clients. The question is why aren’t they? The most common reason for not getting referrals is simply because people don’t ask for them.

To get referrals you must be proactive in getting them. Asking is the simplest way to get a referral. However, most people are either too embarrassed to ask, not comfortable with asking, or too busy to ask so they abandon the thought all together.

Some beauty techs, just hope their great services will make their clients refer someone.  Looking for referrals in this manner will give you referrals but they will be sporatic, unpredictable and you may find yourself going months without getting referrals.

Your clients and people you do business with are your best source for new business. They can actually send you a steady stream of new business every month if you set it up so they can.

To get referrals consistently you must include getting referrals as part of your marketing plan.  In this post I will show you how to get a constant flow of referrals coming in by creating a referral system.


First Lets take a look at a few examples of referral programs you can implement into your business:

1. Thank you cards. Send your clients a Thank You card  a day or so after you service them. Thank them for their business and end with saying if they know of anyone looking for a nail technician to please give them a card. Include 2-3 of your business cards in the Thank You card.

To sweetened this deal, include a voucher for your client inside that perhaps give them a free gift when they return to you, or a coupon off to a complimentary service like a massage or hair salon.

2. Referral Cards. Give your clients a referral card. On this card you may offer a free mini makeover or a free mini manicure.  Let your client know when ever someone comes in that they have referred, they will receive XYZ for doing so.

3. Partner up. Partner up with someone (or business) that offers a great complimentary service that you provide like a massage therapist, spa, hair salon..etc. Give them some referrals cards or coupons. Ask that they they give one to each of their clients and in turn you will do the same. This way the 2 of you can refer business to each other and it cost you nothing. It’s win-win!

4. Do a Survey. You should always check to see if your clients are satisfied and happy with your work, policies, customer service etc.  Send them a survey to find out how they like the service. End it by saying we/I appreciate referrals. If you know of anyone looking for a great nail salon please let us know. Simply fill in their information below, bring with you on your next appointment and we’ll give them a call.  Just to say thank you we’ll give you 50% off your next service when they come in and make a purchase!

5. Bring a Friend Day. Have your clients bring a friend in for a special friend day “mini” manicure. Plan this for one of your “slower” days of the week. Be creative with your friend day, you want to “wow” them so they come back.

6. Holiday Gift Cards. Around the holidays make gift cards for your clients to give out to their friends. Make the cards tie into whatever holiday it is, Valentines Day, Xmas, Sweetest Day…etc… The card can give a free mini service or a % off services.  People are always looking for cool gifts to give away on these days.

7. Ask.  Ask your clients if they know of anyone just like themselves that would like to have the same beauty services. Give your client a flier that outlines your referral program. Advise them you will give them XYZ for every person that they refer.

This list represents examples of different referral programs you can implement into your business to bring in new clients.

Referral Card

Now Lets Create a “System” for Getting a Constant Flow of Referrals using These Programs……

To effectively run these programs you need a system or plan of action. Having a referral program does you no good if you are not using it. You will need to sit down and create a strategy that you will implement  for getting referrals consistently. You do this by creating a referral system that your business will use daily, monthly, yearly as routine practice.  Something that most businesses are not doing.

For instance Your Referral System can look like this:

Every Wednesday is Bring a Friend day between the hours of 12 & 3.

Every Holiday the Gift Referrals Cards go out

Every 90 Days the Survey goes out to New Customers

Work with John at Massage Town USA to exchange referrals Monthly

Everyday Aim to get 1-3 referrals per day ( include staff)

This is a more systematic approach to getting referrals. It’s much more stable than the “wait and see if my client will refer someone to me” approach.  With a referral system in place you are actively “seeking” referrals and will get them because you are asking, requesting them and putting systems in place to get them.

Lets take Referral Program #3 from our list of referral programs above. Instead of partnering with 1 business, you can partner up with 3, 4, 5 even 10 different businesses that you can get to send you referrals. Thus doubling the amount of referrals you can get monthly from this 1 program alone. Now add this into your referral system. You are now setting your self up with even more avenues to get a lot of referrals.

Getting referrals is a marketing strategy that you will need to work, to get it to work for you!


More Tips for Getting Referrals

Give Referrals

Another strategy to get folks referring people to you is to refer people to them. Are any of your clients massage therapist, personal trainers, chiropractors why not refer them business as well. You can also let them know about great restaurants, great places to take kids, and the such. Recommend and refer things that are beneficial to them. So when you ask for a referral , they will be more than happy as you are always referring and giving them good tips!

Work with Your Best clients

If you have clients that come regularly and have been with you for a while. Ask them for referrals. Tell them you are looking for more clients just like them that’s looking for the same kind beauty services. By letting your client know what kind of referrals you want, they know who to send to you. Thus giving you referrals that are going to be great long term clients.

Offer Incentives

To get people motivated to send you new business offer incentives like a free gift, discount, free service of some sort. You will need to decides what works best for you and what you think your clientele may like.

Be careful as to what you give away. You don’t want to give away more than you are receiving or your risk not making a profit from all those referrals.

Make it Easy for Your client to Refer You

Your clients are busy folks too dealing with everyday life happenings. So make it almost effortless for them to refer you by providing them with referrals cards, fliers or something they can give to the person they are referring.

Make it even easier to refer you by word of mouth by providing top notch customer service they can “brag” on. Your client should feel that when they refer someone to you, that person is going to be delighted and grateful to have been sent to you.

The Power of Thank you

Thank everyone that send you a referral, call them and follow up with a hand written Thank you card.  This is a must if you want to continue to receive referrals. You must make your “refer-er” feel appreciated. When they feel you appreciate them sending you clients, they will send you more.

Keep your client “in the Loop”

When your client refers someone to you, follow up when them and let them know how it went. Sometimes, it’s nice to let your client know what happened with the referral so they are not left to wonder.

In conclusion

Getting referrals is all about planning and creating a system for getting them. Use these tips to help you get more referrals than you can handle every time!

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Much Success!

Candace Harrison

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Reference Referrals

Running a Successful Mother’s Day Promotion

Making Your Mother's Day Promotion a Success

Mother’s Day Promotion

Mother’s Day is one of the Biggest Holidays to promote your beauty products and services! If you are not taking advantage of this day to make money, you are missing out!

Every Mother’s day there are folks looking for great gifts to give Mom. So why not help them out by packaging up some of your luxurious products and services in the form of a gift certificate or voucher for customers and clients to purchase.

Moms love to be pampered. A great Mother’s Day Promotion Idea could be a Massage, Facial and Aroma Therapy for $350. You could even do a Manicure, Pedicure and Wax for $105, for example.

The trick when bundling products and services is to make it worth while. These services bought individually obviously would cost far more than the package price. But you package or bundle them together for a kick-butt price folks can’t refuse!

Drive Sales Up with Mother's Day Promotions Every Year

Make Your Mother’s Day Promotion Successful

The key to a successful Mother’s Day Promotion is having lists to market. Namely a direct mail list, email list, text list, and social net list. (permission based where applicable of course) This way you are not just relying on one list or one vehicle to get the word out.  Also, you cut cost by not  “blindly” sending your promotions out to 100’s folks that do not know you and perhaps  not interested in your offer. .

By having lists, you are sending your Mother’s Day  Promotions out to people you know will be interested in your packages. Those you have built a relationships with and those that have come to know and trust you! This is probably the best way to almost guarantee success in your promotions.

Just randomly sending out your promotions to people you do not know is like taking a shot in the dark. If you are doing direct mail this could cost you several hundreds or thousand of dollars to find just a few people that are interested in your offer.

This is why it’s important to keep track of clients and customers and stay connected. You need a list of people to market to! A list that have come to know you and trust you.  So if you have not started a database of clients and customers, start one!

Mother's Day Promotions for Salons and Beauty Tech's

An effective Mother’s Day Promotion that gets results

To have an effective Mother’s Day Promotion that get results you need to follow up with each person you market to. Sending out one sales letter will not do. You will need to send a series of follow up letters leading all the way up to the holiday you are promoting.

Each follow up letter should relate to one another creating more urgency as you get closer to the holiday. Saying something like, “packages are going fast”, “only a few days left” creates a sense of urgency. In marketing we call this a “call to action”. A call to action gets people to act fast.

In general it takes several contacts with a person before they respond to your marketing offer. This is why sending out only one promotional piece will lead to a dead campaign that gets few or no results.Following up with a series of letters will get you more sales.

Catching last minute shoppers

With busy lives, you can bet there’s a lot of folks on your list that will wait to the last minute to try to find a Mother’s Day gift. Imagine how excited they will be to see your Mother’s Day email or text. Since they consider you a trusted source and “friend”. Good chances are, they will buy from you.

You can also cater to late night shoppers, last minute shoppers and convenience shoppers by having your promotion available on the front page of your website. This way folks can shop from home, office or on the go 24/7. Even if you are closed, they can still purchase from you.


Getting Started

This is just a brief snapshot about running a successful Mother’s Day Promotion! If you are not sure how to set up and run a holiday promotion, You can purchase the complete Beauty Marketing Boot Camp!   I will walk you through the do’s and don’ts of running a successful promotion and how to double your response rate. You’ll also learn the strategy for getting lazer targeted prospects that will respond to your offer.

I’ll also cover the sales letter and follow up letters so you grab folks attention and make them want to buy from you!

If you haven’t signed up forThe complete Beauty Marketing Boot Camp, get it here:

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Committed to your Success!

Candace Harrison

Profiting with Beauty Slogans -Separating Your Beauty Business From the Crowd


“Because You’re Worth It”

Salon Slogans for Beauty Technicians

Nail Techncians & Cosmetologists ,  Have you heard of Salon  Slogans?  If your not sure what a Slogan is, let me explain.

Slogans are short attention grabbing phrases that tells people why they should come to you for service. To be successful, you must be clear on why people should come to you versus going to your competition.  In this competitive market you can’t blend in, you must stand out from the crowd!

Businesses with a Slogan put themselves in a position to always be at the highest level of  service. In other words they have to live up to the Slogan they have put in front of their clients and potential clients.

Examples of Salon Slogans:

Unique Beauty Salon,  Slogan: Luxury salon where you will feel unique and special.

Lifestyle Hair and Nail-beauty salon , Slogan: Where Style is Created

Studio One Hair Design & Day Spa, Slogan: Studio One. When Only The Best Will Do!

Slogans Great for Marketing

Why Use Salon Slogans

When you have  Slogans like the ones above you are telling your clients and potential clients why they should come see you.  When you put this in front of your customers, they are expecting the best from you, which in turns make you push for a higher level of  service. It gives you (and your staff ) a standard in which to deliver on and your clients a feeling of having made the right choice.

When clients start to buy into salon slogans , they understand why they should come to you versus going anywhere else. When you as an independent nail tech or cosmetologist buy into your slogan, you drive yourself to be the best. If you have staff and they buy into your slogan they aim for a higher level of service too.  Believe it or not, having a slogan can take your business to new levels and success.

How Many business can you think of that have  a slogan that makes you go to them versus anywhere else?  FedEx?  “When It Absolutely Positively Has to Be There…”.    This is a powerful statement that gets people to use FedEx.

Clearly defining  to your clients why you are different from all the others will make you stand out from the crowd and get noticed!

Get Started

Start working on your slogan today. Place it on your business cards, website and in your salon.  Define your beauty business or salon as the best and separate yourself from the crowd! Salon Slogans work!

Make Money on the Internet in Your Spare Time

InboxDollars - GetCash 300x250

Make Money On the Internet

Do You Make Money on the Internet? I’m one of those people that just have to make every moment count.  Always looking for ways to make money.  Be it a lot or a little,  all that extra cash adds up.

One way I make money is with a site called  Inbox Dollars.  For the longest I never touched these kinds of sites simply because I didn’t think I could make  money.

However, I checked my account and I have about $30 dollars coming to me just from reading emails and doing stuff  I already do on the net.

Inbox Dollars is a Survey Site.  I read only the emails I want and take only the surveys I want. I know $30 isn’t a lot but that’s $30 dollars from just playing around on my computer! Since I’m still reading emails and taking surveys I have small sums of cash still being put into my account.Make Money With Inbox Dollars

Make Money In Your Spare Time

When I’m bored , not working on marketing,  I find myself  looking for cash surveys through Inbox Dollars,  I can make money from.  I now consider this another way I make money on the net.

This may not be for everyone, I’m sure, as it can be tedious. Some surveys take about 20 minutes of answering questions.  Some surveys pay $1.00 some pay $.50 some pay 2.00, $5.00 and can go as high as $75 in some cases. Then there are some surveys that pay you when you shop online.

For example, I signed up for game site to review and deposited  $10 for playing all kinds of cool games.  Inbox Dollars paid me $20 for doing so.  Probably the quickest $10 I’ve ever made. Keep in mind I’m only participating in things that interest me. I also signed up to get my credit report and a free trial of the identity theft program and earned $8.00.   It was something I wanted anyway , so why not get paid for doing it.

Inbox Dollars sends several emails a day to read and  review.  Therefore, I have set up a dedicated email account for  those emails, so I don’t have to look for the emails amongst my other business stuff.

What works best for me too, is  creating email folders to put  all the surveys in. When I have time I take about an 1- 1/2 hours to do my surveys, a few times a week.

In any event it’s fun and I don’t mind making a little extra cash.

You Can Make Money too

Just wanted to share this with you. If you want to check out Inbox Dollars to see what it’s all about, sign up is Free and they Give you a $5 bonus when you do! Check it out and make money starting today…

InboxDollars - 300x250 Brunette

Good Luck!

Candace Harrison

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