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5 Relationship Building Strategies to Keep Your Nail Biz on Top

Relationship Building

Relationship Building Strategies Keeps Clients Coming Back Relationship building has been responsible for the growth and success of many businesses! Successful businesses and entrepreneurs know keeping your customers in tune with you means connecting with them on a consistent basis.

Staying connected with your customer base keeps your clients thinking about you and the services you provide. You want to stay connected in a way that adds value to the service you offer. Instead of relating only promotional type information to them, send them beauty tips, advice, industry news, info on the latest trends & fashion..etc. This make you a valuable resource to them as well.

Relationship building keeps your customers coming back to you and referring others on a more consistent basis as you are doing the things other nail techs and cosmetologist are not doing. Your clients will think of you more as a trusted “friend” that is looking to help them. When customers trust you and believe you are truly trying to help them, they buy from you often and feel good about referring others to you.

Nail Technicians and Cosmetologist that have not caught on to this marketing strategy (Relationship Building) often realize a high turnover in clients and low referral business. This makes their income unpredictable and often at the low end of the scale.

Lets go over some ways you can position your self against your competition, make your business valuable, enhance your brand , and create a loyal client base that will keep you in business for many years to come!


5 Relationship Building Strategies

Relationship Building Strategy #1 – Stay in Touch with Your Clients:

Are You staying in touch with your clients often? There are many ways to stay connected to your clients. You can send them tips, advice & industry news via email, direct mail, phone calls, and social media. Spreading out your messages in a way that keeps you fresh in their minds , but not becoming a nuisance is key. This will keep your customers thinking about you and coming back to you when they want beauty services.

When communicating with your clients refer to them by their name, this will make your client feel like a good friend. If you’re sending them an email, begin by saying Dear Sarah, instead of Dear Client.  Call them by their name when they come in for service too!

Relationship Building Strategy #2 -Over deliver on Customer Service:

Provide top notch customer service by giving them more than what they expect at each visit. Offer coffee , or Lemonade in cool shaped/colored cups. Give a 5 minute shoulder neck massage with their regular service or a hand massage, for example. Make sure to handle customer complaints with care and promptly. You always want to look like you are going the extra mile.

Relationship Building Strategy #3- Have customer loyalty programs and customer referral programs in place:

Reward your clients continued business by giving them a freebie or deep discount of some kind. This is your way of saying Thank You For Your Business! People like gifts and will feel appreciated when you do this.

When your clients refer someone to you, that is the best compliment you can ever receive. Reward your client for that referral by giving them a gift of some kind too!

Relationship Building Strategy #4 – Invite your clients in for a special event:

A great way to get involved with your clients on a more personal level is to hold an event at your shop. Have refreshments. Maybe demo some great products and let them take samples home. You can also have a BBQ or have a bowling party. You will have to be creative and think of what your customer base might like. Your main focus is to connect with them not to promote. Any promoting done here should be very very light and transparent. This relationship building strategy will bring more sales to you in the long run.

Relationship Building Strategy#5- Do Surveys:

In order to find out what your clients want, you have to ask. Getting feedback from your clients is the best way you can improve your business. Send your clients surveys via email, direct mail, or your website and ask what can you do for them? Ask what other type of services they want? …etc

Your clients are the lifeline of your business so making sure you are giving them what they want, will keep them coming back to see you.

Relationship Building Works

To get more repeat business and more referrals, become a valuable resource and trusted friend to your clients. Relationship building strategies work and will keep your clients loyal and spending with you year after year.

Relationship Building

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