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I know what its like to be excited about getting your Nail Technician or Cosmetologist license. You have set up your beauty business and all seems to be going great except 1 thing….

Business is terribly slow and you have no idea how to get more clients or start making a nice sum of money to go full time with your business.

If you are just starting your new venture or if you’ve been doing beauty for a while it doesn’t have to be this way.

Today you can start learning Beauty Marketing Strategies that will send you and endless flow of clients and help you make up to 6 figures as a Nail Technician.

I’m practically giving away strategies you can start implementing into your beauty business, to make money,without breaking the bank.

Introducing the 6 Figure Nail Technician
Beauty Marketing Bootcamp…

Making money as a nail technician doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s all about changing how you run your business.  You have to think beyond just nails.  You see, “nails” is the service you offer your clients, but without clients you don’t make money. If only a few people know you exist, you can never grow your business.

The key to getting the word out about you and the service you offer is marketing. You have to know how to market your business to draw in clients. However, for many Nail Technicians marketing isn’t a strong point for them and because of this they struggle to make money.

This is why I have created the 6 Figure Nail Technician Beauty Marketing Bootcamp….So that nail technicians all over can stop struggling to make money. While this bootcamp is just for Nail Technicians, Cosmetologist can benefit greatly too!

Just imagine making $2500 with just one email, doubling the amount of money you make per client, plus getting more clients than you ever had and doing it consistently.   This is what you can do daily when you understand how to market your business. In bootcamp you’ll learn how you can do this, plus I’m going to show you how to do the “numbers” so you can make up to 6 figures! This is the formula you must follow to reach your desired income level, I go over this in detail with you.


When you have set your business up for success making money becomes easier.  You can’t be the nail technician or nail salon that just sits and wait for walk-ins to come in. That’s the broke marketing strategy, you want a winning strategy that can take you to the next level financially.


You can change the fate of your nail business by treating it LIKE a business. Your business isn’t any different than other service businesses out there. You have to think big and think like a boss!


  • The Success Formula You Must Know to Make a 6 Figure Income
  • My Secret Strategy for Creating Killer Flyer’s and Brochures that Get Nail Clients Running in to See You
  • How to Explode Your Nail Business & Make Money Using Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest & Other Social Sites
  • How to Build an Army of “Salesmen” Working to Make You Money 24/7
  • How to get Known as a Top Nail Tech in Your City
  • How to Use Facebook and Facebook Live the Right Way to get a Ton of Clients
  • How to Get Clients Referring More People to You
  • How to Keep Clients Loyal & Coming Back
  • How to get Clients to Spend More at Each Visit
  • How to make $1000’s From 1 Email Just Like the Pro’s
  • How to Put $500-$2000 (or more) consistently in Your Bank Account Every Month – Even if No One Shows Up
  • How to Compete with the Discount Nail Shops
  • Access to Done-For-You Beauty Marketing Resources You Can Start Using Right Away

And a Whole Lot More….


I’m showing you Beauty Marketing Strategies used by top Nail Techs and Cosmetologist to Make Money and Get Clients coming into their salon at will.

Literally, you can turn your salon or home beauty business into a cash machine without having to spend 1000’s. You’ll discover simple things you can do right now to start bringing in more clients than you ever have before.

Even you if you have no idea about marketing…you can use these beauty marketing strategies to start making money today….

If you are not Making the kind of money you want you need this course…Trust me, if you are not learning how to make money.. your competition is… Leaving you to struggle along while they enjoy an abundance of profits and clients ”

Taylor M. – Salon Owner



Discounting services is not the way to attract more clients. As a mater of fact studies show businesses that lower prices to compete go out of business before those that have higher prices.

In Boot Camp you’ll learn how to raise your price and still attract and keep more clients than your competitors!

Smart salons and beauty techs know the secrets to putting $1000’s in their bank account every month…… and they can do it even if no one comes in to see them. Can You? I’m exposing these kinds of 6 figure beauty marketing strategies with you in Boot Camp.


In just moments from now you can have these marketing strategies in your hand, studying them, to use in your own beauty business. Even more, I’m making it easy for you to get it today!


Stop wishing for a lucky break. You don’t need luck. You just need to know what the top technicians are doing in the industry so you can do it too.


  • Candace I came across your site while surfing the net. Wow! What a find! I have re-did all my marketing materials after reading your information. Thanks for your help!”
  • “Thank you for giving me all this valuable information !! Blessing in all that you do!”
  • “I really enjoy the boot camp and I feel more confident about bringing my business to the next level. Thank you once again”
  • “I have more clients than I ever had. I need help now, lol! I guess that’s a good problem to have. Thank you so much!”
  • “Wow….Thank you Candace!”
  • “I’m finally making money & getting clients…thanks for showing me how”


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From one business person to another… don’t let lack of knowledge be the reason you are not successful. Get all the insider strategies mention above for an unheard of $27. Plus I’m giving you my Quick Cash and Profits Guide to help you position yourself to start getting clients and making money within 48 hours. What do you have to lose? Make a business decision today to turn your passion into a lucrative career and start living your dream today!

Candace Harrison
Nail Tech Cash

NailTechCash and/or it’s affiliates makes no claims or guarantees you will make money using the marketing strategies in the Beauty Marketing Bootcamp. Your success will depend solely on the efforts you put forth. Everyone’s work ethic and ability to grasp concepts is different. You will get out of it what you put into it.  Income amounts shown are examples of what’s possible and not to be considered a guarantee that you will make the same amount. Some will make less, some will make more. Your success is truly dependent upon you.


Candace Harrison is the sole owner and creator of Nail Tech Cash. No parts of the 6 Figure Beauty Marketing Bootcamp may be duplicated, reprinted or distributed in any manner without the express written permission of Candace Harrison.